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Tessera specialises in the design and manufacture of high performance tufted carpet tiles for the most demanding commercial interiors.

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Thinking of revving up your office flooring with some resplendent carpet tiles? Well, if you’re simply fed up of looking for experts to give you the perfect solutions to all your flooring problems, then you’ve simply got to head over to Tessera carpet flooring tiles, your one stop shop for all carpet tiles India.

We have a team of in-house experts who will give you valuable guidelines for all your office floor tiles re-decoration needs. We have an amazing set of tile floors varieties which can be customized according to all your inherent interior needs. As we award a classy angle to your office floors, you can expect a great level of durability and flexibility in terms of the designs, the texture and the quality of our products.

Tessera – Tiles for Flooring

Tessera is a renowned name for carpet tiles India, and we believe in living up to our well earned reputation always. Our superior range of flooring tiles will offer your interiors as well as exteriors a palatial touch, letting your office be the haven you have always craved for. May it be decorating your office patio, or sprucing up the existing interiors, we do it all. All our experts have been trained in a way so as to provide an exemplary touch to your floors.

Why Choose Floor Tile from CCIL

Each carpet floor tile is laid down with utmost precision and care, giving you the perfection you seek on a platter. As we live by the motto of thinking out of the box, we feel that our levels of customer satisfaction surely speak for themselves. With such a rich experience laid bare on the table, there is hardly any reason for you to consider any other floor tiles company in India over our multifaceted products.

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We lend our supervision to all the fast changing demands of offices and high street premises. Not only that, each of our colorful ensembles come equipped with elegantly designed ideas and high performance tufted flooring carpet tiles, all ready to decorate your office, your way. So bring out those tight budgets and ease up on the dough, for your office is going to be the eighth wonder of the world once we’re done with decorating it with our patented touch of traditionalism.

So whether it is outdoor carpet tiles or office carpet tiles, Tessera is the best choice you have. Call us today to get a look at the Tessera range. Send an Enquiry

More details are available at the Tessera website.

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