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Does Your Flooring Option Have An Effect On The Interior Grammar Of Your Place?

Flooring is often overlooked when one considers the elements of the interior design of a home. While the main focus becomes walls, furniture, and decor in an interior, we hardly pay attention to flooring. It is a large surface that impacts the visual perspective of space, sensory reach, and the holistic spatial narrative. Picking the best type of flooring for a space relies on our lifestyle and personal tastes. Each type has its unique benefits, and determining the best flooring depends on spatial needs. CCIL is a leading flooring solutions distributor in India, providing different flooring solutions, such as wooden flooring, laminates, flooring carpet, and every other flooring that matches your needs and tastes.
Hardwood flooring is extremely pleasing when it comes to aesthetic value. It is visually appealing, and distinct, and can add a touch of elegance to a space. One of the primary benefits of wooden flooring is its durability and versatility to adapt to almost every interior design theme in your home. With any decor element such as mirrors, wall art, decorative accents, or other decor adorned in your home, these floors will always look good and fit the desired theme. Hardwood flooring can also improve the acoustics within a space.
Similarly, vinyl flooring is akin to a very large carpet that has patterns and textures mimicking those of marble or wooden flooring. Perhaps the biggest appeal of vinyl plank flooring is the diverse aesthetics it can take on. Patterns, colours, and textures of vinyl planks replicate distinct materials giving your floors the look and feel of the real deal. Vinyl flooring can be an effective choice owing to its durability and easy maintenance. From wood to marble and concrete, the options are virtually limitless with vinyl flooring.
Despite hard surfaces, such as hardwood flooring, that takes up many pages of interior design magazines over recent years, flooring carpet has a style all its own. From luxurious and elegant to casual and cosy, a carpet tile can give a space an entirely different feel, just by altering the carpet style. We could consider a short-pile, patterned office carpet for a formal room or a long frieze for a more informal space. Carpet tiles provide excellent insulation value to a space, reduce heat loss, and help in saving energy costs for our homes.
Laminate is a high-performing option for flooring in a home or office with numerous advantages. Not only is the composite timber material of laminate wooden flooring hard-wearing, but also offers fantastic scratch resistance. The laminate floorboards will survive high traffic, kids and even pet claws. The property of UV resistance is also less likely to fade the colour of the floors over time.
Tiles are a popular option for flooring in most Indian homes. Tiles are smooth, super easy to clean and come in several patterns that are aesthetically pleasing. There are several colours and textures available in the market. Tiles are generally among the affordable type of flooring choices and can be used for waterproof areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Marbles, on the other hand, are a classic option when it comes to flooring with their versatility and aesthetic appeal.
Flooring has a significant impact on the interior grammar of space. Choosing the best flooring is not as simple as picking up the best-selling option in the market. Several factors such as durability, moisture, ease of maintenance and cost greatly influence the selection process. We should make sure that the flooring choice balances our needs with our personal style. CCIL exclusively represents some of the world’s leading manufacturers to give you unlimited choices of flooring with world-class quality.

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