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Ventilated Facades- An Unbeatable Building Design Tactic

Planning and designing building facades places as high on the building design ledger as laying a foundation. From the surface reason of being the first impression of the structure to a more panoramic purpose of being the first line of defence for the building, facades occupy a fairly high position among architectural elements. For the most part, people prefer to use major building materials like concrete, wood etc. for their facades. In recent years, many designers have decided to divulge into building solutions like cost-effective ventilated facades available at Consolidate Carpets International Limited (CCIL) to revamp building designs. Following are a few reasons to consider implementing ventilated solutions on your facades:
Energy efficiency:
Owing to the ventilated air cavity fastened in their composition, ventilated facades come in handy for their enhanced thermoregulation. They let you experience a drastically improved acoustic performance, preferable for residential and commercial buildings. Moreover, all lengthy discussions about the air conditioning and heating in the building are taken care of with the naturally stimulated reduction of energy consumption.
Water and damp resistance:
As is a concern for many building owners, especially in a climatically diverse country like India, ventilated facades prevent rainwater from seeping and penetrating into the building. It protects against damp settling over the façade walls and does away with any potential thermal bridges. Waterproofing is a desired attribute for both residential as well as commercial building facades, and ventilated systems proffer the property integrally.
Puts a cover on the building services:
Modern technology and tactical designing have made it possible for buildings to remain largely unblemished with essential fixtures like plumbing, electrical and gas installations etc. remaining hidden, mainly inside the wall’s plaster. Ventilated facades go a step further and keep all the building services well-hidden but within reach. The system shrouds the visually unwanted but functionally critical wirings behind the aesthetic façade fittings. Ventilated facades by Consolidated Carpets International Limited (CCIL) converge optimum performance solutions with attractive building envelopes available in a variety of formats in design, textures etc.
Easy installation and maintenance:
CCIL’s ventilated façade system promises a mediated lightness in the individual pieces to accord airiness to the system, alleviating unwarranted weight from the building and making its installation fairly smooth. Without the constraints of pressing weight over the buildings, it becomes easier to repair and replace sections of the system in case of damage. Furthermore, ceramic ventilated facades by CCIL are particularly resistant to acid corrosion and harmful UV rays which assists in ticking the boxes on the functional and aesthetic durability of the system.
The boom in design diversity and the extensive variety of building materials in the market has opened the floodgates for designers to be creative with their construction planning. Economical ventilated facade systems distributed by Consolidated Carpets International Limited (CCIL) provide a façade system that goes beyond its conventional function and introduces new ways to approach building designs.

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