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Here’s How You Can Keep Your Laminate Wooden Flooring Pristine For Years To Come

When you decide on a flooring option for your space, the preferred plan is to make the best choice according to the purpose of the building, the location, the weather conditions and even the traffic it is supposed to withstand. Many commercial and residential projects have started turning towards laminated flooring options owing to their versatility, durability and agreeable finishes. Laminated flooring is prepared by bonding several materials under high pressure, often topped with a resin-coated finish over a high-definition image of natural wooden flooring layered over high-density fibreboard. Consolidated Carpet Industries Limited(CCIL) has prepared a list of cautions you can practise to keep your wood laminate flooring pristine for a long time:
It’s all about using the right products:
A simple tryst of research about laminate flooring is enough to reveal its aversion towards harsh tools and chemicals. A deeper foray into the topic makes it public knowledge that many brands sell cleaning supplies dedicated to laminate flooring. In case you plan on avoiding artificial chemicals at all costs, you can always go for vinegar and warm water to do your bidding. However, make it a point to be thorough with your mop and wipe it with a dry cloth at the afterthought.
Leave the shoes at the door:
As Indians, it is not out of the norm to go barefoot inside your home. Shoes and slippers are known to carry dirt, dust and moisture from different places. Avoiding shoes on wooden laminate flooring can reduce the risk of scratches from heavy footwear, muddy footprints and even micro-particles that accompany clean shoes.
Clean consistently:
It is an oft-repeated argument that consistent care is the biggest and the most constant secret of preserving the beauty in things and seldom has it failed to ring true. There is no doubt that flooring in every space bears the maximum and constant activity, and hence would require regular cleaning. For laminate floors particularly, it is a very good idea to stay abreast with a regular cleaning schedule. With different levels of depth to the cleaning, make sure to schedule a weekly, monthly and annual deep clean for your laminate flooring, in addition to the daily light brooming, brushing and mopping.
Avoid excessive water and the like:
Being a universally acknowledged neutral liquid, water is everyone’s favourite cleaning agent. However, it becomes significant to practise caution and use it in moderation. Excessive water can dribble between the laminate panels into the under-layers and cause the material to retain water and consequently become damp and warped. Make swift movements with the damp cloths you use as wipes and be mindful of clearing any liquid spills off the floor quickly to avoid trapped moisture and stains on the laminate material.
With an increase in options to choose from, synthetic flooring solutions like laminate for floors have steered through the market as one of the most preferred materials. The combination of performance and natural wood-like appearance has worked fairly well in its favour for different genres of building projects like commercial and residential structures. Consolidated Carpet International Limited (CCIL) offers an assortment of laminate flooring options that fit snugly with your buildings and stay consistently pristine for a prolonged time.

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