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Why You Should Consider Carpet Tiles For Your Upcoming Design Project

Every design project calls for a meticulously detailed plan of action and methodical execution of said plans. There are more factors designers need to be watchful of, than what meets the eye. It is easy for people to familiarise themselves with the processes and materials used in the building facade and call it a day. Designers and planners, on the other hand, have to scale the entire structure to devise a tenable design proposition. For instance, the type of flooring calls for careful deliberation to make sure that it meets all the functional and aesthetic requirements.
The diversity of flooring options available in the market allows architects, designers and building owners to choose from a variety of aesthetic and performance-based features that fit snugly into their itinerary of requirements. While many people remain adamant about sticking to standard flooring options, more contemporary flooring solutions like carpet tiles are garnering substantial attention from designers on account of the inventory of benefits associated with them.
Carpet tiles or modular carpets are a more adaptable and convenient variation of conventional flooring carpet used in a spectrum of commercial spaces as the major flooring option. In the simplest words, carpet tiles are specially cut swatches of broadloom carpet available in a range of square and rectangle dimensions. Departing from the earlier models of carpet tiles, the market is bustling with the display of versatility exhibited by carpet tiles as a building material. Thanks to the technological leap undertaken by the design and building. industry, it has become impressively easier to incorporate design flexibility into structures. Consolidated Carpet Industries Limited (CCIL) offer economical carpet tiles made of a variety of materials like wool, olefin, nylon, polyester and other recycled materials.
Following are a few reasons to consider carpet tiles for your next project’s flooring option:
Easy installation:
Carpet tiles maintain a reputation of being preferred by building designers and manufacturers due to their hassle-free installation. The tiles are easy to transport and since a majority of them come pre-backed they can be directly installed on the subfloors without requiring underlays. Additionally, carpet tiles do not need an extended period of time to settle in place, making it a swift process.
More options and less waste:
Unlike broadloom carpets, the pre-cut swatches of carpet tiles prevent large quantities of material from going to waste. Apart from being a sustainable pick, carpet tiles are also very pocket-friendly. You can be creative with carpet tile patterns and even order a custom collection that reflects the purpose or personality of the space. A wide range of colours, patterns and configurations can be used in ways that afford a catalogue of textural and optical effects. An array of carpet and backing materials also places carpet tiles high on designers’ material lists.
Ambience and ease of maintenance:
Good quality carpet tiles are a very coherent substitution for opulent and plush broadloom carpets. They lend flexibility to the space as a flooring solution that conveniently fits even the trickiest of corners and the absorbent layered composition vouch for their acoustic properties. Moreover, carpet tiles are often cited as low-maintenance since they are easy to clean and easier to replace in case the damage is irreversible. Their compact size saves you repeated trips to the store as you can keep an emergency tile stack that doesn’t even occupy too much space. Since the tiles are easily lifted, the subflooring matrix becomes easily assessable and allows you more room for design possibilities.
The importance of flooring solutions is consciously realised and implemented by everyone associated with the building community. The floor of a structure experiences and intercepts the foot traffic and various other indicative design elements, and hence needs to be strong and comfortable to achieve maximum utility. You can entrust premium distributors like Consolidated Carpet Industries Limited (CCIL) to offer a range of flooring options for commercial installation, like office carpet tiles that give new dimensions to the vitality of your next design project.

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